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San Patricio MEDFLIX is a pioneer in the local imaging industry, offering the first hybrid PET-CT in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean since 2005. Our equipment was the first and for many years prior to compulsory accreditation, the only gaining accreditation from the ACR for the modality of PET in Puerto Rico. This equipment combines molecular metabolic information derived by positron emission tomography (PET) with the anatomical information derived by CT. The metabolic information sometimes surprisingly unfolds before anatomical changes occur. The sensitivity of our PET images is still the best on the Island because of high resolution crystals used in our equipment. All studies of hybrid PET-CT are interpreted by Dr. Carlos Jiménez Marchán, nuclear medicine specialist, along with Dr. Fernando Zalduondo and rarely, another radiologist.

  • Brain (Alzheimer’s vs. frontotemporal degeneration, recurrent primary brain tumor vs. radionecrosis, seizure foci)
  • Body (the most common scan from base of skull to mid thighs for myriad forms of cancer, active infections in the setting of fever of unknown origin)
  • Whole Body (coverage from skull vertex to toes for melanoma, cutaneous lymphoma and skeletal sarcomas)

PET Lung Cancer

FDG PET-CT scan. Alzheimer's disease.

FDG PET-CT scan. Frontotemporal Degeneration.

FDG PET-CT scan. Lewy Body Dementia

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