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TMF Health Quality Institute established the award program in collaboration with Texas Medical Associations in 2012. TMF has since extended the program to include practices in Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, and the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico.The award recognizes physician practices that perform well on national quality measures while working to improve effective care management and comprehensive preventative health services. 


Physician practices must meet specific criteria to receive the award. Evaluations are based on information submitted in spring/summer 2019 for activities and outcomes from calendar year 2018. Award recipients effectively use health information technology and data in every day practice to promote quality care and informed decision-making.The award criteria aligns with national health care priorities identified by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).Practice size was not a factor in selecting recipients. Award recipients include solo practitioners with a single location and large multi-specialty practices with multiple locations. Practices could apply either as a single site/location or as a network. 

San Patricio MEDFLIX is proud to have been the only medical facility in Puerto Rico to receive the “TMF Physician Practice Quality Improvement Award.” MEDFLIX was one of only five medical practices which received the highest level award, platinum, in conjunction with two practices in Texas, one in Arkansas, and one in Oklahoma. There was no other representation from Puerto Rico in the other available categories (gold, silver and bronze):

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Parathyroid scan, SPECT-CT, fused image - parathyroid adenoma below left thyroid lobe

Parathyroid scan, SPECT-CT, fused image - parathyroid adenoma behind left lobe of thyroid

Bone scan SPECT - bilateral posterior L5 uptake

Bone scan SPECT-CT - fused sagittal image confirms L5 spondylolysis

CT Chest - Bronchioloalveolar Cell Carcinoma

CT Abdomen Esophageal Hernia

CT Parotid Glands - Sjogren's syndrome - sialolithiasis

CT 3D Lumbar Hardware

Brain MRI, pediatric - Lissencephaly and band heterotopia

Brain MRI, pituitary, elevated prolactin - prolactinoma

Lumbar spine MRI - extruded L5-S1 disk

Thoracic spinal cord MRI - multiple sclerosis