Protocol for Patients with Appointment in San Patricio MEDFLIX

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  1. Upon arrival to our parking you will be greeted by our host who will confirm your name with our appointment list.  Kindly wait in your car until notified to proceed to the Triage area. 
  2. Only patients will be allowed to enter the building except for minors and patients with a physical disability or medical condition requiring assistance. 
  3. Patient and companion (if applicable) must arrive with face mask on.  We will NOT be able to provide services without the face mask.  If you arrive without one, you may purchase one for $5.00. 
  4. When your turn comes up, you will proceed to the Triage area where your temperature will be taken and you will be asked to respond to a four question questionnaire. 
  5. If your temperature is 37.5 degrees Celsius or greater and or depending in the questionnaires’ results the study will not be performed and your appointment will be reassigned to a later date. 
  6. For everyone’s safety, patients and companions will not be allowed in the waiting area. 
  7. Before proceeding to the imaging studies area in the second level you will disinfect your hands with hand sanitizer available in front of the elevator. 
  8. Call 787.620.5757 or 787.945.5758 for any questions. 

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Parathyroid scan, SPECT-CT, fused image - parathyroid adenoma below left thyroid lobe

Parathyroid scan, SPECT-CT, fused image - parathyroid adenoma behind left lobe of thyroid

Bone scan SPECT - bilateral posterior L5 uptake

Bone scan SPECT-CT - fused sagittal image confirms L5 spondylolysis

CT Chest - Bronchioloalveolar Cell Carcinoma

CT Abdomen Esophageal Hernia

CT Parotid Glands - Sjogren's syndrome - sialolithiasis

CT 3D Lumbar Hardware

Brain MRI, pediatric - Lissencephaly and band heterotopia

Brain MRI, pituitary, elevated prolactin - prolactinoma

Lumbar spine MRI - extruded L5-S1 disk

Thoracic spinal cord MRI - multiple sclerosis