For more than a decade San Patricio MRI & CT CENTER, now San Patricio MEDFLIX, has had the privilege of successfully delivering advanced imaging services to the Puerto Rican community and neighboring countries. Our direction has been to humanize our patient’s experience by incorporating concepts from various industries not necessarily related to healthcare in order to bring patient service to new standards.

Our name and logo evolved to San Patricio MEDFLIX, reflecting the fact that we not only provide MRI and CT imaging in our facilities but also a host of other imaging modalities, including nuclear medicine.  The term MEDFLIX is short for "MED = medical" and "FLIX = movie".  The new name highlights the multidimensional characteristics of our offering, some of our high end high quality studies displayed in cinematographic format, thus adding a new dimension to invaluable diagnostic information.

Our letters of recommendation come from our patient’s comments. We encourage you to visit our YouTube channel under San Patricio MEDFLIX and to also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.