Pediatric and Adult Sedation

Sedaciones Pediátricas y Adultas

Some patients require outside intervention to be able to stay still during of some studies. Sedation services, originally developed by Dr. Fernando and Zalduondo and Dr. Maribel Rodríguez Martinez, are currently run by Dr. Norma Rodríguez and Dr. Mariela Romero Díaz.

Wednesday mornings are dedicated to assisting pediatric and adult patients to be able to complete studies of diagnostic quality. This service is provided by appointment only, is not covered by health plans and is performed in an area designated for these purposes.

We have extensive experience and a very favorable record completing the vast majority of studies.  Patients are exposed to risks beyond those of routine imaging studies during the process of sedation and recovery.  Thousands of patients from all parts of Puerto Rico who have unsuccessfully tried to complete studies in other facilities have been successfully completed in San Patricio MEDFLIX.  We try in every way to avoid compromising the patient’s health in order to achieve the task.  However, in rare cases, the patient cannot assimilate the drugs and is unable to satisfactorily complete the study and or develop adverse events.  In this rare scenario, payment is non-refundable inasmuch as resources are used during the process.